It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

“Swing batter, batter, batter…Miss batter, batter, batter!” It is that time of year again; it is baseball season! This is the time of year people dust off their cleats and hit the field. At Roller Cave in Indianapolis Indiana, we could not be more excited for this time of year, and we wanted to tell you about practicing your swing at our awesome batting cage, The BatCave!

What Does The BatCave Have To Offer?

Our nine indoor batting cages with fifteen machines are customizable. You can practice baseball, soft pitch softball, as well as fast pitch softball.Baseball and mitt

How Much Does It Cost?

We have very reasonable rates for individuals as well as groups. It is only $8 for unlimited swings, and do not forget it is rain or shine. Mix and match-all of the cages are open to you until closing time. Because we want all of our guests to have a chance to practice, all batters will rotate every nine pitches if there are others waiting. We offer group rates to groups of five or more, dropping the cost down to $6 per person! Our group rates do not end there! You can get: 5 Admissions for $30, 10 Admissions for $50, and 25 Admissions for $100!

How Can I Reserve Time?

While walk-ins are always welcome, we encourage you to reserve time if you are planning to use our batting cages. We just added two Bata baseball and softball combination pitching machine, capable of throwing curve ball and fastball pitches 35-100 mph! The third pro tunnel is a multi-use tunnel for live pitching and hitting drills including tee work & soft-toss.

If you are as excited about baseball season as we are, and want to practice your swing for a team or yourself, come by The BatCave today!

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