The FUN-damentals curriculum touches on beginner skating skills.
Our group classes are designed to make skating fun, even for those who are not yet great skaters. Adult skaters, parents and children alike are all welcome to attend classes.

Here are some of the skills we teach:

Pre Skater: Fall Down, Get Up, March & Coast, Dip, Helicopter

Beginner: Steer Circles, Flamingo, Braking, V Start, Forward, Scissors


Basic Beginner: Scooter Pushes, Stroking, Steer Quarter Circles, Kangaroo Hop, Surfer


Intermediate Beginner: Backward Scissors, Stop Backwards, Steer Half Circles, Two Beat Steps


Advanced Beginner: T-Start, T-Stop, Shoot the Duck, Whole Circle, Turn Forward, Spread Eagle

Learn to Skate – Group Lessons

$8 per lesson or 5 lessons for only $30

Saturday 12:15-1:00pm – Happening now

Coming soon…..Wednesday 5:15-6:00pm Starting Sept.6th


By appointment only.
-During Public Session – 30 Minute Lesson …$25  or    1  Hour Lesson …$40

– Private Rink Time –       30 Minute Lesson….$75  or     1 Hour Lesson $100

In our classes we expect for students to strive for proficiency but not perfection. Approaching skills in this manner keeps skating fun, increases confidence, and allows every skater to enjoy classes.