Practice Your Swing At The Bat Cave!

Do you want to improve your bat swing?  Check out some helpful tips for improving your swing, and be sure to stop by the Bat Cave at Roller Cave in Indianapolis, Indiana to try these techniques out soon! Bat Cave

Keep your eye on the ball:

If you have ever played baseball in any capacity, we are sure you have heard this old adage. Keeping your eye on the ball is not nearly as easy as it sounds, however. It is not as much seeing the bat hit the ball, but more judging the path the ball is taking, and judging your distance so you can hit the ball when it comes to you.

Be mindful of the ups and downs:

Palm placement on the bat is very important. The ideal placement for your palms on a baseball bat is one palm up, and one palm down. This is the strongest position you can be in, and it gives you the most control over the bat. It will help you hit the ball with as much strength as possible.

Be sure to bend your arm:

For the best possible outcome, you want your elbow firmly planted against your side. This will make you the most powerful, and create more torque as you spin. The further away your elbow is from your side, the less power and leverage you will have, and the force of the baseball can actually work against you.

We hope you will try these tips out the next time you visit the bat cave, and remember to swing for the fences!

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