Rewarding Good Behaviors With A Trip To Roller Cave!

If your kids are like most, they have enjoyed every last minute of the summer time! It’s always fun having them around the house during the summer, but we all know that kids can wreak havoc when they have too much free time! With school starting soon, your children will be transitioning into a new routine and will have less free time than usual. It will be more important than ever to encourage positive habits during this time of transition as well as throughout the school year. After all, younger children are at an influential age and can benefit from positive reinforcement.

We can’t think of a better way to provide your little ones with positive reinforcement than a trip to Roller Cave! Here are a few ways you can incentive your child’s next trip to Roller Cave in Indianapolis, Indiana:

Reward good behavior with a trip to Roller Cave!

  1. Chore Wheels

Let’s face it, even we know chores can get boring and repetitive sometimes. Liven up their routine by making a chore wheel and introducing a few new chores to the mix! When they complete every chore in the wheel, reward them with a new adventure — maybe the BatCave!

  1. Bringing Home Good Grades

You probably remember how hard it can be to get back in the swing of things once school starts back up. Can you believe it’s almost here?! Those first few weeks can be tough. What better way to show your children you’re proud of them for staying focused and bringing home good grades than by taking them out to skate with their friends!

  1. Acts of Kindness

Nothing warms your heart more than seeing your little ones share random acts of kindness with others. Whether they decide to share their snack with a friend who dropped theirs or offer to help you without any instruction, it’s important to let them know these acts don’t go unnoticed. When their birthday comes around this year, maybe it’s time to plan a skate party for them!

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