President’s Day Special – Monday 2/19 – Open Skating 

  • 12:00-3:00 pm – Family Fun Music  $7.00 – Skate Rental Free

Public Skating Schedule………………….

Friday     –  Open Skating ***********

  • 6:00-10:00 pm – Family R&B Music  $8….. Incl. 2 Pizza Slices

Saturday – Open Skating 12:00-10:00pm*******

  • 12:00-3:00 pm Family Fun Music $7
  • 3:00-7:00 pm Family R&B Music $7
  • 7:00-10:00 pm Family Jam Music $8 

Sunday – Open Skating 12:00-6:00pm********************

  • 12:00-3:00 pm Family Fun Music $7 
  •  3:00-6:00 pm Family R&B Music $7 

President’s Day Special – Monday 2/19 – Open Skating 

  • 12:00-3:00 pm – Family Fun Music  $7.00 – Skate Rental Free

Learn To Skate Lesson PackageSkating kids

Wednesday Lessons 5:15-6:00pm    $8  

Saturday  Lessons   12:15-1:00pm     $8

Public Skating Fun every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday  !!!!  Monday through Thursday is reserved for private events.  Call 898-1816 for daily recorded schedule and special event info. Call the office at 898-1817 with questions.

Monday through Thursday – The skate shop and office are open if we are in the building. Please call 898-1817.


Rink Rules & Customer Conduct Policies**************************

– Strict dress and conduct codes are enforced.
– Parent Spectator admission free only with child admission purchase
– All Adults and Children above age 2 must Pay Admission
– Skates required on all public sessions – Skate Rental $3.00 if needed

Bring your own skates as long as they are clean, safe, and have proper brakes or plugs.  We offer 4 types of rental skates for one low price.  You can choose regular skates, beginner skates, speed skates, or inline skates.  Skate Rental is $3.00 per person on all sessions.  No heelies, electric skates, hoverboards, segways, swagways or similar recreational motorized devices allowed anywhere in the building.

• This is a skate at your own risk facility
• No Outside Cakes allowed except with an Official Paid Roller Cave Birthday Package
• Everyone must wear skates except for non-skating adult chaperones
• We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time, for any reason
• Hats, jackets, bandanas, rags, and sagging pants are prohibited
• Strict dress and conduct codes are enforced
• Loitering is prohibited
• No Outside Food or Drinks allowed
• Alcoholic beverages are prohibited
• No Intoxicated Persons allowed
• Chewing Gum is not permitted
• The Roller Cave is not responsible for accidents
• We do not offer re-entry passes

Rules…Rules….and More Rules……………………………………………………………………………………….

1. Parent / Grand Parent spectators Only. Everyone else must purchase an admission ticket and wear skates.
2. Skaters may not bring outside food and drinks into the building.
3. Dress Code Enforced. No hats, coats, jackets, bandanas, etc., are to be worn inside the building. Pants or shorts may not “sag”, any one wearing “sagging” pants will be asked to put on a belt, if a belt is not available, a skate lace or zip tie will be given to the skater to be used. Customers must wear clothing that is in moderation and in good taste. We say “ Dress to Impress.”
4. Skaters may not use cell phones while skating.
5. We recommend skaters under the age of 18 that have paid to skate stay inside for the duration of the session, unless a parent comes inside to pick their child up. No passes to leave are allowed. Once a skater has left the canopy area, he or she will be charged again for admission if they wish to return.
6. All skates must be clean and have stops or plugs.
7. The bounce house is a free attraction and not guaranteed to be available.  Patrons must follow all Roller Cave Bounce Safety Rules in addition to the Manufacturers Safety Rues posted on the bounce house.
8. All food and drinks are to remain in the tiled snack bar area at all times
9. Profanity and negative“slang” is strictly prohibited. Patrons will conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen and with acceptable grammar.
10. There is a no refund policy. No rain checks will be given.
11. Personal items must be securely locked in a locker. Bags, purses, coats, boxes, etc. are subject to inspection.  Skaters may not leave their belongings on the benches, tables, or floor.  Cell phone use while skating is prohibited.
12. Fast skating, opposite direction skating,tag, horseplay, disrupting skating, etc., is not allowed.
13. Trick skating is not allowed.
14. Gambling is not permitted.
15. Marking, altering, or removing Roller Cave property is not permitted.
16. Heavy petting, sexual dancing or conduct, or other inappropriate sexual behavior or talk is not permitted.
17. No fighting. Those involved in physical fights or arguments will never be allowed to return.
18. We do not allow anyone to possess or be under the influence of alcohol, non-prescribed drugs, illegal drugs, or any other mind-altering substance into the building or on the property.
19. Harassment of any employee or patron will not be tolerated.
20. Gum chewing is not permitted.
21. Any customer on the skating floor must be wearing skates and continue moving at all times.
22. No one is allowed to sit with his or her feet on the skating floor.
23. Pregnant women are not allowed to skate.
24. Skating is not allowed on the dance floor.

All situations can not be covered with these rules. We reserve the right to add to these rules as situations arise at the sole discretion of Roller Cave Management.