Three Telltale Signs You Need New Skates

Here at The Roller Cave in Indianapolis Indiana, we love watching the faces of young and young at heart glide around our rink. The look of Skating linesheer joy brings a smile to our faces. Often times, however, people’s roller skates become worn, or in the case of our young guests, become too small and new ones are a necessity. We are proud to provide skate replacements via our Roller Cave Skate Shop, but want to educate those torn if it is time for the investment by providing telltale signs that it is time for new skates.

  1. If your roller skate has a visible deformity: This one is pretty obvious, but if all of your wheels have cracks in them, your toe stopper has a chunk out of it, or the leather on your skate has a hole, it may be time for new skates. You could replace the individual parts with the wheels and toe stopper, but it will probably be just a short time before something else breaks, costing you more money in the long run.Skating kids
  1. If you have outgrown your roller skates: As previously mentioned, this generally happens with our young skaters whose bodies are still growing. If your feet have outgrown your skates, it is time for new ones. Fit is very important, and one of our staff members will help you, if needed.
  1. If your skates are lost or stolen: There is no better time than when you literally do not have roller skates, to buy new roller skates. Whether you left them somewhere accidentally or someone actually stole your skates, come by the Skate Shop to pick out your brand new ones!

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