Who Says New Year’s Resolutions Have to Be Hard?

Are you ready to dive into 2017? Make this year better than ever before! Do you want to get healthier, spend more time together as a family, or master a new skill? Roller Cave can help your family meet their New Year’s resolutions.

New Year’s Resolutions at Roller Cave

  • Get active. Is that gym membership already gathering dust? The trouble with resolutions like “be healthier this year” or “lose weight” is that they’re boring. Instead of forcing yourself to do something you hate, find an activity you enjoy. Roller-skating burns 600 calories and hour. Who knew? And spending an hour in the batting cages is a great arm workout. Fitness is a breeze at Roller Cave.
  • Spend time together. You want to spend more time together, but your teenager hates the outdoors, your younger kids get bored in movies, and you and your spouse want nothing more than for the kids to get off the couch and stop playing video games. Go roller-skating! Skating is great for all ages, from toddlers to grandparents. And with so many opportunities for open skating each week, you can work family fun into everyone’s schedules.
  • Practice a skill. Do you want to become a roller derby champ? Is your child’s goal to make the baseball team this year? Whatever your goals for the year, Roller Cave can help. We have skating lessons, winter batting cage specials, and plenty of opportunities to practice. Master a new skill (or improve at an old one) at Roller Cave this year!

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