Birthday Party Etiquette

Your daughter is turning four next month! You have already talked it over, and she decided that she wants her party at Roller Cave. She is your only child, so you have no precedent set for how to throw a party. You have read every online forum and blog only to be more confused than ever. At Roller Cave, we want to help! Check out some tips for throwing your child’s party! 

Birthday Party Cupcakes

At what age should I throw my child’s first party?

It is generally accepted that around four or five is a good age to throw their first party. At this age, the child has distinguished tastes and is starting to have friends and people they know from school or sports.

How many kids should I invite?

A simple equation is used to figure this one out: the birthday child’s age + one=number of guests. This is often ignored, but it seems appropriate, especially for the younger ones, as to not be overwhelmed.

What about RSVP’s?

The truth is that many of your guests will not RSVP, even if they are coming. An RSVP is very important for a head count, and it gives the guests and the host/hostess a chance to clear up any misunderstandings, such as the issue of bringing siblings.

Do I have to invite a child simply because they invited my child to their party?

You are not required to invite everyone who invited your child to her party. If your daughter is actually friends with another child, sure, invite them; if not, do not feel obligated.

Whether your child is turning four or fourteen, we hope they choose to have their party at Roller Cave! To find out more about our party options, click here!


  1. This is some helpful birthday party etiquette. I like your simple equation for knowing how many guests to invite. I would much rather have 6 or 7 guests as opposed to 15 or 20. Like you said, I don’t want to overwhelm my kids!

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