New Skates? Learn How to Break Them In!

skatesDo you enjoy roller skating so much that you’ve recently purchased your very own pair of skates? Great! Roller Cave, located in Indianapolis, IN, wants to help you learn how to ‘break-in’ your new leather roller skates to help you get out on the rink faster and in comfort!

Top 4 Methods

#1  Conditioner- Buy some leather conditioner and rub it on with a cloth or sponge to areas of the skate boot that are too stiff for comfort (like areas hurting your achilles tendon). The leather conditioner will soften the boot’s leather; just make sure you bend the leather back and forth (if possible) when you rub it on. This may take multiple applications to make the leather less stiff.

#2  Lacing- Save the muscles and tendons of your foot and ankle by breaking in your roller skates with the skate laces. Follow these three steps (it may take several days to complete all steps):

      1. Lace up boots leaving the top two holes unlaced & top laces loose – Skate 4-6 hours.
      2. Lace up boots leaving top hole unlaced & top laces loose – Skate 4-6 hours.
      3. Lace boots up completely with regular tension on top laces – Skates should be broken-in.

#3  Wearing- The easiest method of breaking in your new skates is simply by wearing! The more you skate, the more it will help the leather boot to contour to your foot faster. While this is the tried and true method, it may be a little uncomfortable on your feet in the beginning.dryer

#4  Heat Molding- One of the more popular methods in the skating industry is that of heat molding skates. Some pro shops have skate boot ovens for this purpose, but in general, most roller skaters can do it themselves at home. Using a hair dryer, heat your skate boot evenly (more on the stiffer ankle leather) but do not heat too much, as you may damage the leather or burn yourself. Your skate should simply be warm. After it is warm, put your socked foot into the skate and lace it up tightly; in five minutes your skate should have conformed to your foot and be ready to use!

Roller Cave Skate Shop

We hope the above tips help you get comfortable in your new skates! Of course, if you have any questions, stop by our Roller Cave Skate Shop and we can help! Or if you are interested in buying some new skates, our shop has a complete selection of roller skates in stock and ready to roll! We have Beginner skates starting as low as $44.95, Speed skates as low as $69.95, plus we have Outdoor skates, Rhythm skates and more! For service, selection and price, check out the Roller Cave Skate Shop next time you visit Roller Cave. Skates make a great gift anytime of year!

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