Skating Lessons in Indianapolis

Families who skate together make memories together. Isn’t that how the saying goes? At the Roller Cave in Indianapolis, we love seeing all the families who come in to skate together and spend time laughing and smiling. However, we know there are all different levels of skaters out there, which is why our teaching pros are offering group lessons every Monday from 5:15-6:00pm starting on September 19th!

Skating Rink at Roller Cave
At Roller Cave, we offer different types of lessons for all skill levels! Here’s what we teach in each lesson:

  • Pre Skater: Fall Down, Get Up, March & Coast, Dip, Helicopter
  • Beginner: Steer Circles, Flamingo, Braking, V Start, Forward, Scissors
  • Basic Beginner: Scooter Pushes, Stroking, Steer Quarter Circles, Kangaroo Hop, Surfer
  • Intermediate Beginner: Backward Scissors, Stop Backwards, Steer Half Circles, Two Beat Steps
  • Advanced Beginner: T-Start, T-Stop, Shoot the Duck, Whole Circle, Turn Forward, Spread Eagle

If this all sounds a little foreign right now, don’t worry. Our instructors have years of experience, and you’ll be executing the hardest moves in no time! In our group lessons, your entire family will have some fun and learn a few tricks together. If Mondays aren’t available, that’s ok too! Registrations for our two special Saturday Skate Clinics on 10/15 and 11/19 from 11am-2pm are now open as well.

Once you learn a few moves, you and your family will be eager to get back to the rink and glide around effortlessly. Then, it’s the perfect time to come to any of our themed skate sessionsSee you out there!

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